10 Most Important & Helpful Travelling Apps – Every Traveler Should Download

travelling apps

“The World is a book and those who do not travel read only a page”- Saint Augustine

We all have to agree with this very line mentioned above.

People say travelling can surely change a person a lot. Don’t you think it’s true to some extent?

Well, travelling enhance our knowledge, our experiences and our confidence too.

Have you ever thought how much pleasure it would be to walk barefoot on the seashore and leave only footprints, feel the wind over your face simply by forgetting yourself somewhere?

How much adventurous it would be to see the world from the peak of the mountain and shout your heart out so that the whole world can hear you.

After imagining all these I’m sure your heart must be desiring for some trip or tour. Isn’t it?

Because travelling can switch your mood, relax your mind. Are you planning some trip or tour after this pandemic? Well, travelling can be more easy and comfortable if we have facilities regarding this.

Here are some of the amazing mobile applications to make your journey suitable to some extent. Here are some of the amazing mobile applications to make your journey suitable to some extent.

You can simply download them from the play store. These are easily available on IOS and Android phones.


While travelling to another country the main problem faced by many travellers is ‘the language’.

If you are a wonder lust and loves to travel this app is a must. Google translate is somehow important and very useful.

google translate apps

All you have to do is type the word and you’ll easily have the translation of that particular word in any language.

Handwriting facility is also available. There are a lot of features available like camera translation.

One of the most amazing features about this app is you don’t need to be connected to the internet since it can also work while offline.

So, if you don’t have to worry if you have a poor network connection or you don’t have mobile data.


Google maps is one of the best navigation app available. It is one of the most likely uses a mobile application on an everyday basis.

google maps

All you need is internet connection to go with it. It can easily show routes for the destination as well as roads to follow on the map.

You can save a number of maps so that you can use it while offline. It is free on Ios and android.


“Good food makes good mood” this saying is all true.

Food is also an important part of travelling. Food spotting application is a must while travelling.

This app provides you with a map of nearby restaurants and the best food around you.

You can simply download this app from play-store, follow the guidelines and recommendations of other people.


Trip advisor is an all-in-one app when it comes to travelling. This app is extremely useful when it comes to planning some trip or vacation.


With millions of reviews, opinions, photos, videos you can pick up best- best, restaurant, hotels, airlines. “Near me” function is available to find well-reviewed places.

5. Uber – taxi booking app

It can be an important guide for every traveller indeed.

Uber app is important while travelling. There are some limitations to this app but this is active in 173 countries and 785 metropolitan cities.

uber app

You can request a ride, go anywhere, can track the location. Payment method is also suitable that you can pay through credit card or cash or any E-wallet.

After this app, you need not stand at the taxi stand. You can simply
book your ride online and it will bring straight to you.


This app is the best option to convert currency. So quick and best
rate almost equal to actual rate and no charges at all.

xe currency

XE currency converter app is one of the most sturdy apps for IOS and android. You can store a recent rate to use later while offline.


If you are the one who loves to read while travelling then you can download this amazing app, this one is for you called “Pocket”.

pocket app

Many offline reading apps available to make your journey valuable and you can enhance your knowledge too. You can simply save articles to know about the places to visit, booking details and restaurants reviews that too without an internet connection.


Accidents are unpredictable. If you are planning a vacation all you need to do is a little preparation and precaution.

That too by simply downloading this very app and by following step by step instructions you can surely tackle with any accident or mishappening.

From a little burn to heart or head injury this app can certainly help you out for the emergencies on the road. It is easily available on IOS and Android.


This app isn’t often discussed app while travelling but this is important. If you want to know the nearest public toilet or restroom all you have to do is simply download this app from play store.

This app can surely help you find over 1,00,000 public toilets rated as Sit (good) and Squat (bad).

One of the most important apps that you should have on your phone while travelling to make your journey more comfortable.


They say “photos can take you back in time instantly”. Snapseed is
one of the famous photo editing app and mostly used by everybody

In today’s scenario, we all love to click pictures. After a vacation
all you need a bunch of good photos to post on social media.

Isn’t it? Well, this app is for you.

To make your friends a little jealous by posting outstanding pictures. It has a lot of filters all you need to know is how to use these filters and this app in a mastery way.

And you will surely get amazing pictures to post after your vacation.

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10 Most Important & Helpful Travelling Apps – Every Traveler Should Download

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