10 Secrets For Hair Fall That Worked For Me

Hair fall, hair fall and hair fall !!

Uhhhh!!.. Are you having so much of hair fall?

Are you stressed out because of it?

Do you have the nightmares of having the bald head?

Are you also the one finding ways and remedies over the internet to stop your hair fall?

Are you the one who loves your hair and don’t want your hair fall to grow more?

Then just stop here… RELAX!!…

I have come up with my hair fall tips which worked on me and will definitely work on you as well if you do it the right way plus please do, do, do have patience because anything can’t be done overnight na !!

Hair fall is very common which almost every one of us are fed up of.

What also the problem is people aren’t aware of the effective and great ways to treat hair fall and keep on searching out the ways online for the solution and end up spending money and time.

So just sit back and make yourself in a relaxy pose, while I will take you to the 20 secrets which worked for me and helped me to regrow my hair and made me happy.

how to stop hair fall
So pissed off with hair fall!!

Here I go with my *HAIR FALL SOLUTION* secrets –

#1. Onion Juice can change your hair.


Have you ever thought onions can be helpful to stop your hair fall?

onions for hair fall
Ouch! But yes Onions are good for your hair.

Onion extract includes sulphur and is considered very good for healthy hairs. I have used a product which I am sharing with you and has such natural ingredients which you can check also are effective for the regrowth of hair and increasing the hair volume. I was able to see a difference in my hair within 20 days of regular application. This oil is really great and effective.

Here is the link – Buy Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil 250 ML with 14 Essential Oils, Multi-Purpose Hair Growth Oil/Serum For Complete Hair Treatment with Argan, Bhringraj, Hibiscus, Sesame, Amla, Sweet Almond, Olive and more. Online at Low Prices in India – Amazon.in

You can also make onion juice at home –

i) According to the length of your hair, peel off onions and chop them.

ii) Boil those onions with curry leaves in a pan for about 10-15 minutes.

iii) After that put the onion extract in a spray bottle and apply to your scalp and hair roots.

#2. Aloe Vera – Magic Gel

Aloe gel has numerous benefits for you. 

is aloe vera good for hair?
Aloes are like wonders for your hair

Aloe has full of magic ingredients. It might sound that I am exaggerating but it is very beneficial. You can use the aloe vera gel ( best would be to use freshly cut leaf ) to your scalp till your hair ends and leave it for at least an hour and then wash it. Aloe vera gel will help you to repair your scalp and thus promoting hair growth.

Here’s the link to buy – Khadi Natural Aloevera Gel, 500ml

#3. Treat your hair right – By using right combs and brush.

When you have so much of hair fall, combing your hair would be so frightening. But using a wide wooden comb to untangle your hair can reduce your hair fall.

Remember – Never comb your hair when its wet. At that time, hairs are more prone to breakage. 

After untangling, you can use your regular brush to avoid pulling of hairs and causing less breakage. Also, take care to wash your comb and brush once a week. This is very important.

Use the right comb and brush for your hair.

#4. Stay away from Sulfates and Parabens.

Sulfates and parabens are not good friends for your hair. They are harmful and have a lot of chemicals. 

Sulfates and Parabens take away all the natural oils from the hair causing dry and rough. 

Pick up sulphate-free and paraben free shampoo. Click here – sulphate and paraben free shampoo: Beauty

But also while picking up the right shampoo, make sure there is no substitute used instead of sulfates and parabens. I would suggest you use shampoo which shows the list of natural ingredients.

KHADI MAURI Combo of Anti Hairfall Satreetha Shampoo and Herbal Hair Conditioner, 210ml Each – Pack of 2

#5. Biotin – A good solution for hair growth

Biotin is very good for your hair. Keratin is a basic necessity that makes hair, nails and skin. Try adding them in your daily diet. It will help in reducing hair fall and promote healthy stronger hair.

Recommended – If you have a biotin deficiency, then take 30 – 100 mcg per day. For kids, you need a small dose i.e 10 mcg – 30 mcg. 

Some biotin rich foods – oatmeal, rice bran, whole wheat, brown rice, soya beans, split peas, nuts, mushrooms, cauliflower etc.

Click here – biotin capsules: Beauty

#6. Olive oil – Use it for hair growth and nourishment.

Olive oil is also a very rich source of nourishment for your hair which will help you increase the volume. It has a moisturizing effect that will help you to get rid of dandruff and dry scalp.

olive oil
Ah! because its olives

The best way is to heat the oil in microwave for 30 seconds and then massage on your scalp with your fingertips. After that cover your hair with a shower cap or you may leave it overnight.

Click here – Nature’s Absolutes Olive Carrier Oil, 200ml

#7.Fenugreek Seeds – Very good for hair

Fenugreek is the “buzz” ingredient in India – well known remedy to stop hair fall. The amount of proteins and nicotinic acid in fenugreek seeds help hair regrowth.
Soak 3-4 tbsp. of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water. Leave it overnight. Next day,  using a mixer grinder make a paste of this mixture. Apply this paste to your hair with your hands/brush and leave it for 45 minutes before rinsing it off with a mild shampoo. Try this remedy twice a week for a month or two to reduce hair fall.

You may easily get Fenugreek seeds here – Grocery & Gourmet Foods

#8. Don’t wash your hairs too often

Guys, washing hairs too often is not a good idea. Instead, not washing your hair will preserve natural oils in the scalp and keep it moisturized. Wash your hairs not more than thrice in a week.

#9. My grandma’s trick – Hot oil massage

Doing a hot oil massage a night before you plan to wash your hair will be very effective. It will make your scalp healthy and reduce hair fall. You may use coconut oil/olive oil/castor oil (best would be to use mix of them) and mix one vitamin E capsule. Do this every time before washing your hair. 

10. Your diet is the key

All the ways that I mentioned above are effective but not having a good diet can be game-changing. So, please do focus on your diet.

healthy diet
Because healthy diet is a must..

Add spinach, sunflower seeds, salmon, beetroots, oatmeal, chicken, red bell pepper, greek yoghurt etc. to your diet. Eat healthily and don’t forget to drink plenty of water all your day. 

I hope this will help you out.

Advice – Please guys, be patient while using these remedies because they will definitely work with time. Results will not come overnight. These remedies, I have used and with my personal experience, I have shared with you guys. Hope this will solve out your hair fall issues and don’t forget to share your experience below in the comment section.


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10 Secrets For Hair Fall That Worked For Me

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