13 Types Of Drunken Friends You Will See In Every Group!

Our second family, our friends whom we choose and and do alot of crimes!
We grow up with some of them since our childhood, go to high school and college with them, cry, laugh, fight, and make sweet memories with them. And if you think about these memories, many of the great ones didn’t have any effect on them when they are drunk. That’s the craziest part about getting drunk with your friends, right? Be it a party animal night or a Friday evening at a friend’s apartment, alcohol stories are fun and dramatic. Well, not all of them are fun and we certainly have friends who we wish don’t get drunk ever. Lol!

Here’s a list of different types of drunken friends that we all have and we are pretty sure that you too can relate yourself to one or more of these below.

1. The Philosopher

While drinking alcohol can definitely relax up the mood for many folks, there are a couple of rare people who extra dense after getting drunk. They begin to talk about hunger hunger and therefore the multi-faceted meaning of life. While most folks won’t understand half the items , we still keep nodding to them (only because we’re drunk too).

2. The Michael Jackson


These guys start dancing in the moment; meanwhile they get tipsy and they’re undoubtedly the best entertainers out there. At first, it might be shocking, but after a few moments of having shots with them, you’ll get used to it; you would possibly even start dancing along side them! And yes, you’ll call them Jackson , but actually , you recognize that they appear sort of a snake ahead of a charmer.

3. The Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty

Ah, the one friend who gets high even on beers. These are those friends who will just go to sleep after a few drinks; no drama no crying for mama, nothing. But we really wish they’d spend more time with us, don’t we?

4. The Crybaby


This is one of those who become Devdas after drinking and who digs out their pain after a few shots of vodka. The topic might start from ex-partners to bankruptcy and they kill your mood much faster than a Dhinchak Pooja’s song. Our recommedation – Try to calm your friend down (which might seem impossible) or put them down to sleep so that the event doesn’t turn into a cry baby.

5. The One Who Says “Aaj Kuch Toofani Kartein Hain”

The One Who Says “Aaj Kuch Toofani Kartein Hain”

There is always a friend who is overly excited drunk and who always want to do something “different”, “fun”, and “adventurous”. This is the guy or girl who don’t mind trespassing the neighbor’s compound and steal their chappals at 3 AM. If you’re inviting this friend over for drinks, make sure you keep them inside the house and keep your doors locked so that you don’t land in trouble. 

6. The “Funny” One


For some of us, alcohol can actually activate their funny bones. These friends become the main showstopper of the party if it’s a party without very loud music. And you’ll have a great time recollecting some funny old moments and watching your friend do some memorable impressions. Keep these friends close because they can help you cheer up your mind after a tough week.

7. The Aggressive Drunk

The Aggressive Drunk

These are the people shouldn’t really drink because one they are; they get all aggressive when they do. They become over emotional and tend to pick up fights and create very complicated scenarios that would make everyone else uncomfortable. We really don’t know if they do it on purpose or if they just want a reason to have attention out on others.

8. The Drunk Dialer

The Drunk Dialer

Call it a prank or an indirect way to talk to your ex, some of our friends reach out  for their phones as soon as they finish their first drink. They either text, call, or send emotional quotes about relationships to their exes or partners. Sometimes they also start texting weird messages. Some of them even ring up random old friends just to ask how they’re doing (at 4 in the morning)! Are you a drunk dialer?

9. The Puker


The puker— needs no further explanations; you know who they are!! Lol. And also, stock some Dettol and cleansing liquid before you invite them home on a weekend night.

10. The Flirty Drunk

The Flirty Drunk

This is the friend who suddenly turns into Johnny Bravo after a couple of beers. They start getting super flirty and sometimes make you uncomfortable as well.

11. The Clingy “Best Friend”


“I’d do anything for you my friend, and you know that, don’t you?” It sounds aww but imagine that coming from someone who’s hanging down your shoulders (LOL!). These friends get clingy and are so much in crazy love with you even after a few mugs of Budweiser.

12. The Arjit Singh

We’ve all got that one friend who starts singing once they’re drunk. The selection of the song depends on their mood; it could range from happy party songs to sad, unrequited love songs that’ll cause you to reach for the tissues to stuff them into his/ her mouth.

13. The Trouble Magnet


This is your friend, or friend of friend who’s always getting your whole gang into trouble. Sure there are 1,000,000 ways for people to urge in trouble and this person seems to possess mastered most of them.

While a number of them are adorable and therefore the rest are annoying, drunk friends are the craziest and therefore the better part of all of it’s that you simply feel the happiest once you spend time together with your close friends. Drinking with them is best than drinking with a date any day, right? Ever thought what quite a drunken friend you are? If not, share this text together with your friends and allow them to decide!

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13 Types Of Drunken Friends You Will See In Every Group!

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