5 Best Korean High -School Drama You Should Watch

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The Korean entertainment industry is on-trend nowadays.

K-Pop or Korean pop music having groups like BTS, Blackpink, Twice and many more are very famous and have fans from all over the world.

Except for K-Pop, K-dramas are also gaining popularity. Korean dramas are short and convenient.

They generally have 16-20 episodes each with full of comedy, tragedy and romance. K-dramas are best timepass and mode of entertainment that you can have.

Below 5 best high school drama are enlisted that one should really watch. High-school dramas deals with the problem that is faced by teenager.

Along with sentimental emotions, it has a lot of humour and romance. There is love-triangle, friendship, passion, rivalry and many more and if you love to watch this kind of stories you are at the right place and if are just starting to watch them, it will give you a right a start and soon you’ll be addicted to them.

1.Dream High

Genre:-Music,teen,romance, coming of age

The story revolves around a girl, Go Hye Mi, who wants to be an opera singer and having vocal classes, but due to some family issue she was forced to take admission in an art school, Kirin Art School, which teaches pop songs and dance to their students to be a K-Pop idol, by loan sharks.

Dream High

Then she gets accompanied by two boys Hyun Si Hyuk and Sung Sam
Doong. Except for their marvellous talent, these three get admission in the lower class and they struggle to prove themselves want to get treated like normal students. While struggling they find passion, ambition, happiness and love.

2. Hi School: love on

Genre:- Romance, school, supernatural, teen, comedy

This story is about an angle, who secretly interested in human life. One day, while saving a human boy, Shin Woo-Hyun, she herself turns into a human and named herself Lee Selubi, when he finds out that she has no place to go, he allows her to stay with him and his grandmother.

Hi School: love on

He introduces the world to her as a human. Then the grandmother of Woo-Hyun admits the girl in the same school as him. There the angle encounters with another boy Hwang Sung-Yeol, who turns out to be the stepbrother of Woo-Hyun. The story revolves around family issues and a classy love-triangle between these three.

3. Moment at Eighteen/At Eighteen

Genre:- Coming of age

A boy who turns out to be in his eighteens, Choi Joon-Woo who was forced to transfer into a new school, in another city, away from his mother because of a false accusation on him.

Moment at Eighteen/At Eighteen

He want to spend a new and peaceful life in this new school but there also, students see him as a bad person because of his forced transfer.

Choi Joon-Woo pretends that he doesn’t care about others opinion but secretly, somewhere deep in his heart he feels bad. In this situation, a girl, Yoo Soo-bin, stands out and trust him. She herself has a difficult life. Her mother is very dominating and forced her to be first in school. She wants to live a free and more independent life. They both help and support each other.

4.Cheer Up/Sassy Go Go

Genre:- Romance, teen, drama

This story is about two rival groups of a school. ‘Real King’ a street dancer club and ‘Beak Ho’ an elite club in which only toppers can have membership and member of ‘Real King’ club is the lowest scorer of school.

Cheer Up/Sassy Go Go

But these two groups are forced to be merged into a cheerleading group. In all this they make strong friendship bond between themselves along with it runs conspiracy. This drama is full of emotions like friendship, rivalry, love, happiness and comedy.

5. Who are you: School 2015

Genre:- Teen, mystery

This story revolves around two twin sister Lee Eunbi and Go Eunbyeol. Go Eunbyeol is adopted and raised by a loving mother whereas Lee Eunbi lives in an orphanage.

The story take its turn when Go Eunbyeol went missing on a school trip and when she was found it seems to be that she lost her memory. When she gained her memory back it turned out that she is Lee Eunbi and she had took place of her twin sister and only a school friend Gong.

Tae-Kwang knows about all this. This orphan girl who had never loved now having love from her mother and a childhood friend Han Yi An is confused whether to tell everybody and keep it a secret and have many questions regarding her sister. If you like suspense, thrillers this drama is made for you.

You can find all these dramas on YouTube or at Kissasian.sh for download.

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5 Best Korean High -School Drama You Should Watch

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