6 Underrated series on Netflix

under rated netflix web series

If you are someone who is bored and is looking for series which don’t take months to finish and wants to watch something which is very less talked about, don’t worry Shhh Stuff got your back.

There are plenty of good shows that don’t get as much recognition as other High budget shows and with the regular release of shows, it’s very difficult to keep a tract of right series to invest your time in.

Here’s a list of some underrated series on Netflix which you can watch and probably finish during this Quarantine.

Master of none

Master of None series is loosely based on the life of the creator and lead actor of series Aziz Ansari. It’s a comedy-drama most millennials will relate to. Comedian Aziz Ansari uses his witty comic timing and talks about issues like family obligations, race, and identity. If you find yourself struggling with relationships whether between family, friends or lovers you will definitely relate to Dev (portrayed by Ansari). Dev is not a perfect person but he keeps the possibility of change. Master of None is Quippy and is beautifully executed.

Sense 8

This science-fiction drama will definitely boggle your mind at some point. If you ever wondered what it’s like to be connected with some stranger’s mind and body then this is a binge-watch series for you. Show starts with the introduction of eight lead characters becoming mentally connected and is given the name “sensates”.
The Wachowskis famous for The Matrix series and J. Michael Straczynski comic writer of Spider-Man, Superman and several other comics are creators of the show Sense 8. The show continues with 8 sensates working together to save the lives of each other.

When They See Us

Based on the 1989 Central Park jogger case, When They See Us highlights the discrimination, systemic racism, crooked legal system and brutal reality of life inside and out of prison. The four-episode series shows the lives of accused five black boys and their families.
Ava DuVernay made a sensitive fast-moving series showing the effects of racism and how people lose empathy with children belonging to a particular background.


Easy is the most overlooked show in the category of modern day rom-com but it is a true hidden gem. Set in Chicago show depicted sexual and romantic relationships of all types.
Joe Swanberg delivers a genre “mumble core” which emphasizes natural conversations and brings it very close to reality and hence very relatable to its diverse audience. Episodes depicting open marriage, biracial and gay couples lead a hand to shows authenticity.

On my block

Like every other high school teenager Cesar, Jamal, Ruby and Monse confront the challenges of adolescence. On My Block constantly acknowledges the ethnicity of its characters belonging to a rough neighborhood in south central Los Angeles.
On My Block offers a bit of dark humor too when crimes in the neighborhood like occasional mugging and outlandish thugs impacting our characters are shown in comic but real way. The Cast being mostly Hispanic and Black young actors deliver a very promising performance. With abrupt twists and turns On My Block is never boring and will offer its audience occasional emotional whiplash.

One Day at a Time


A sitcom based on three generations of Cuban-American family living in the Los Angeles neighbourhood is light-hearted comedy-drama series of three seasons on Netflix. One Day at a Time shows about representation and identity.
Justina Machado playing the role of a single mother and a military veteran suffering from PTSD along with her two teenage kids is a hanger-on, but Rita Moreno playing the role of Abuelita is the undoubted star of the show. One day at a time picks up sarcasm and comic timings to tell you about immigration, homophobia, gender non-binary and dating but still keeps a serious note and realism in all of the issues.

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6 Underrated series on Netflix

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