Best Bollywood songs for Aerobics Workout – Free Download

best bollywood songs for aerobics workout

Are you someone who hits aerobics every day? Then the list is just for you. We all do aerobics to keep us fit. Aerobics is the key if you looking for fun and exercise together. But what can boost this fun, is the right choice of songs for your aerobics session.

No matter how fluent we are in any language, but when it comes to comfort and soothe, the home language is the halt. Likewise, when we listen to Hindi songs while performing Aerobics, it connects us to the workout. And then we perform better.

The right songs with aerobics can boost energy levels. So here is the list of Hindi songs that you can listen for free during your aerobics session.

1. Abhi toh party shuru hui hai

This song is a perfect beginning. The party has just started. It gives you the spirit that the party must not end soon. And so shouldn’t your workout. Keep the workout going till you reach your goal.

2. Zinda

This song is one of the gems that Bollywood has given to us. Remembering the transformation that Farhan Akhtar went through, is the inspiration from the song. This song will inspire your daily workout regime. It will remind you of where you are heading towards.

3. Kamli

Are you a big fan of Katrina Kaif? Yes, this is your number. The perfect song with the perfect dance moves, is the best choice for your aerobics workout. The sassy dance with the tadka, is all you need.

4. Ziddi-Dill

Now is the time to hit your workout up. The energy booster song is all you need for a push to achieve your aerobics goal. Besides keeping you motivated, it tells you to be stubborn about your goal. Dill ye ziddi hai.

5. Kaala Chashma

Its time for the swag. Twerks and shakes are the moves of this song. Shake your legs until you feel shivering. It might seem easy to read, but a hell lot difficult to perform. Challenge yourself with this song.

6. Kamariya

Yes, the Nora Fatehi dance number from Stree. Why not shake your kamariya with the song Kamariya for today’s aerobics session? Nora Fatehi is an inspiration for a perfect physique. So just hit it.

7. Jee Karda (The Rock Version)

Badlapur is a movie of love and struggle for revenge. And this is all you need. Love for your body and struggle to maintain it healthy. The song will inspire you throughout your session. Play it once and keep humming it all along.

8. Manali Trance

How can you skip this while in your aerobics session? Doesn’t matter what exercise or step you do, this is the best song for all of your moves. Filled with energy and enthusiasm, this song is a MUST on your list.

9. Sadda Haq

Yes, it is your time and it is your “haq”. Ask for it or snatch it, but importantly, be worthy of it. The Red Bull song will feel you with rage until you complete your aerobics workout session. This is the song that dons your playlist.

10. Tera Naam Japdi Firran

The song is viable for all types of exercises. You want to go slow, medium or fast, this is your number. It will remind you of the love that you seek for your body, and this what keeps you going.

These are the top ten songs that you would surely want to hear during your aerobics workout session.

These will keep you determined and boost your energy until you feel exhausted.

So, double the workout session with this list so that you never get bored.

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Best Bollywood songs for Aerobics Workout – Free Download

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