Fascinating Bollywood Movies That Went Unnoticed (Part-1)

Many of us folks are “CINEPHILE” and have watched almost all Bollywood movies.

But to our great surprise, there are many movies that went unnoticed. And these are none less than the blockbusters one.

Yes! That’s right.

In fact, some of them are even better.

Then why is it that these movies went without such minimal appreciation?

What is the reason they did not receive any limelight?

This is either because these films were low-budget films, or they did not feature any famous Bollywood stars. This may seem bitter, but that’s the harsh truth.

Here are Some Unrecognized Gems of Bollywood

1. Masaan


Masaan, one of the best movies, starring Vicky Kaushal as ‘Deepak’ and Richa Chadda as ‘Devi’, is based on the struggles of life. It is a beautiful romantic tragic movie that also leaves us with a ray of hope in the end. It has a bold storyline that ventures into social and cultural stigma.

The dialogues are original and very thought-provoking. The Ghazal of Dushyant Kumar, “Tu kisi rail si guzarti hai, main kisi pull sa thartharata hu…” is artistically woven into the script.

What is most shocking is the fact that “MASAAN even received a standing ovation during its screening at CANNES. I still wonder how it went unnoticed.

IDMB Ratings – 8.2/10



Ranked 3.5/5 by TIMES OF INDIA, this movie is a gem. Starring Rajkumar Rao as ‘Deepak Singh’ and Patralekha as ‘Rakhi Singh’ is one of the most prestigious movies.

The story of a young Rajasthani ex-serviceman who migrates to Mumbai with his family shows the struggles that they face. I bet there’s no one who would have not shed tears seeing their struggles.

Beautifully acted and with brilliant script and music, the movie still went unnoticed.

“Muskurane ki wajah tum ho”, widely heard song but the movie
went unappreciated. I still wonder how?

IDMB Ratings – 7.3/10


The lunchbox

The story of an unusual friendship due to a mistake is definitely a must-watch.

A simple story based in the city of Mumbai revolves around the lunchbox. It’s magnificent how the story develops slowly and beautifully. A masterpiece in itself, the movie also brings out the story of a housewife and how she deals with life.

The Irrfan Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Nimrat Kaur starrer still went unnoticed. The fun fact is that during the shooting, Irrfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur did not even meet.

IDMB Ratings – 7.8/10


Starring Rajkumar Rao as ‘Shaurya’. Believe us, Trapped is one of its kind. Not only is the acting praiseworthy but also the script, the dialogue, and the directions.

Based on human survival instincts, this movie is none less than the Bear Grylls’s “Man v/s Wild.” The movie is unconvincingly convincing and a must-watch.

The plot depicts how Shaurya fights the battle of his freedom
single-handedly, hungry and ill. This 7.5/10 rated movie by IMDb
just went like it never existed.

IDMB Ratings – 7.5/10

5. Aligarh


Never heard of it, right? Starring Manoj Bajpai as ‘Siras’, this movie focuses on his story as a Gay professor. Social stigma and the harassment faced by a HOMOSEXUAL is the main theme of this movie.

It is not a movie about the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community, rather it speaks of the normalization, that humans are just humans. After all, ‘LOVE IS LOVE’. 

Manoj Bajpai surely outshines with his brilliant acting skills throughout the movie. The movie was a blast during its release because of its storyline. It depicts the story of a gay professor who falls in love with a guy. Well, folks, you got to watch this one. Based on a real-life story.

IDMB Ratings – 7.8/10

These were the top 5 Bollywood films that (unfortunately) went
unnoticed by the people. But now that we all have ample time and
every popular movie is already exhausted, let’s give them a

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Fascinating Bollywood Movies That Went Unnoticed (Part-1)

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