Boycotting China – An Economic War

boycotting china apps

The standoff between India and China in the Doklam region still continues. This disputed region lies between China and Bhutan where neither the Chinese or the Indian army is ready to retreat.

It is a psychological tactic and ploy of China to suppress her neighbouring countries and to put pressure on them. We have to drastically reduce the use of Chinese products as much as possible and to boycott them.

In a lockdown, when the whole world including India was moaning in the havoc of Corona. When the economy was falling down, a country which was printing billions of rupees from its app’s and game’s industry is CHINA.

According to the World Trade Organization, no one can intentionally stop importing products, but what if ordinary citizens do not use those foreign products and applications?

In such a situation, no company will be able to get a sustainable customer base and it will go from there. China has been adopted exactly such a strategy for years.

China sells all their products easily in other countries like this but people of China themselves do not accept products from other countries. When the people of China can do this, there is definitely a lack of national love among us Indians.

Let me tell you one thing that we (Indians) have a big heart like this, even we can stay hungry, but we will feed our enemies stomach. Woah Great!

Should we consider it a compliment or stupidity?

We contemplate them brainless, but what’s the difference?

Making Tiktok is passion, Playing Pubg is fun, Right?

With that generated money they buy gunpowder and attack on us. But how can I forget?

We are safe because the Indian Army will pay compensation for this every day.

I have worked hard to make a list of popular apps and games by Chinese tech companies.

For this, I have searched play store and app store’s Top free, Trending, Top grossing list, then on the basis of the founder, developer, and publisher identified the Chinese apps.

I will let you know the secrets about the Chinese apps and games, knowing which you will hate China even more.

Tik Tok, Helo– discover share and communicate,

Vigo video– a funny short video.

The most popular apps are a product of the Chinese company. These people make us dance at their best and we are also dancing.

Other than this; VMate, VMate status, Kwai- social video community, ZakZak live: live video chat and meet strangers, U Video, MV master, Yiyo- fun video chat and make friends, Zili- funny videos, Tika entertainment, Snack- video.

These popular short video apps which are the virus spread by china, which is playing an important role in wasting precious time of Indian Youth.

Share it, Xender- share,, Aliexpress, Club factory– Online shopping app,

Banggood– easy online shopping.

These file sharing apps and global shopping app also belong to China.

Mi browser pro video download, Free, fast and secure; WeChat, Mint browser, Instant personal online cash loan app- Mi credit; Mi Remote Controller- for TV, STB, AC and more;

UC BrowserInshotVideomaker
U- DictionaryApp lockVivaCut- Pro video editor
UC Minivideo makerPhoto Editor
UC NewsNews DogVideo editor
UC CricketParallel spaceBeauty Plus
Photo editor proStory makerCollage maker- photo editor
Video EditorFamily locatorSweet selfie
Turbo VPNWPS office- free officeScreen recorder and video recorder

Such app’s that we Indians have placed on our eyes are all Chinese app’s. From office to home we use apps like CamScanner, Chinese developer INTSIG Information co., Ltd.

This means China has an eye on your documents as well.

KK Live, MeMe Live, Fancy U- Video, Lamour love all over the world, LiVU: meet new people, Para U, Tantan like these dating app’s all made by China’s production. Streamkar- live, Tumble.

Some app’s which seem to be Indian app’s in listening but actually they are Chinese app’s.

This means there is a trick of china to make us fool.

After much attention, it has come to know that only 4 countries have dominance over the use of Chinese apps are “INDIA, AMERICA, SINGAPORE, AND CHINA” itself.

Moreover, about 40% to 50% of the apps and games are related to china somewhere.

Meaning that the way every market of India is full of Chinese items and products similarly app’s and games are available in the play store or app store.

Chinese economy strengthening only once the app opens.

They are putting us on their conspiracy, ShareChat- Indian app. If you add an Indian app to the name, then it will not be called an Indian app.

ShareChat’s majority fund came from the Chinese company Xiaomi, and its sister concern Shunwei capital, then its obvious that the earnings will also go to them.

Just like the founder of Flipkart, Sachin Bansal, but American company Walmart bought from it. The profit is going somewhere else then what kind of Indian app?

You people will be surprised to know that just like Disney and Pixar are the kings of the world of Animation, likewise China’s TENCENT COMPANY is the king of game’s and app’s.

China buys the app who are sure to succeed or they acquire the app completely.

Like Carrom pool, Mini Militia, 8 Ball Pool, Archery king, Rail rush, Golf Battle, Plague Inc., Flip master these apps were bought by them from MINICLIP COMPANY of Switzerland.

PUBG, Call of duty, Fortnite are the popular games, the publisher is TENCENT.

Garena free fire: wonderland, Mafia city, Guns of glory, Rise of the kingdom, king of Avalon: Dragon war, Clash of Kings, Game of Sultans and more. Those who will still use these apps are the real traitors.

You have no right to live in this country because you all have become puppets of China’s hands.

In the end, I would like to say that it’s a high time to immediately boycott these Chinese apps for the sake of our Nation.

This time we all have to take this step together and show our unity. Show the love towards your India.

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We all are one! India is an Independent Country and we are not a marionette of any apps and games.


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Boycotting China – An Economic War

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