Are there countries that were successful in managing the COVID-19 crisis?

In fact, which also won the battle in combating this deadly COVID-19 virus that has undertaken almost all countries under its venom?

Well yes! There surely are. Don’t be yet surprised to hear this. Because what I am going to tell you next is even more shocking.

The countries that have made this task of defeating COVID-19 are all lead by WOMEN. Stunned right? But that’s the truth. Women are doing exceptionally well in leading their countries. They are coming out with flying colours in all the fields, even in the field of leadership. They are true examples of good leadership amidst this crisis.

Women-who were once limited to managing their home, are now managing the world. And there’s no doubt, not even of the length of a point, that these women are doing not just fine, but GREAT. Germany, Taiwan, Iceland, New Zealand, Denmark and others- name one thing common in all these countries. The answer is HOME LEADERS. Wonder how they managed so well?

ANGELA MERKEL, Chancellor Of Germany became the first Chancellor of Germany in 2005, is the de facto leader of Germany who brought it out of the financial crisis. During the spread of COVID-19, she said,” This is serious- Take it seriously”.


Further, she added, “Since German Unification-no, since World War 2- there has been no challenge to our country in which our acting together in solidarity matters so much”. And that is how they held the virus back.

Germany conducted 3,50,000 tests each week and soon isolated the affected people and treated them.

TSAI Ing-wen, President Of The Republic Of China Taiwan president also listed as one of the best leaders in handling COVID-19 pandemic.

She is one of the seven female heads listed in the FORBES MAGAZINE who outperformed their male counterparts. She understood the gravity of the situation and accordingly restricted the virus by introducing 124 measures to block the spread. Where on one hand all the nations are imposing
LOCKDOWNS, she managed to combat the virus without using lockdowns. And that’s amazing, right?

JACINDA ARDERN, Prime Minister Of New Zealand Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, confronted with three main issues- mass shooting by an extremist in two mosques, thereby killing 51 people in the march, a deadly volcano that erupted in December and the COVID-19 in 2020.

She imposed a complete lockdown, with a notice before 48 hours. She said,” a significant and coordinated response by and across central governments” and asked people to follow self-isolation strictly. Besides ordering the government to regulate the supplies of food, fuel and essential goods, the ministers of NEW ZEALAND along with Ardern herself took a pay cut in solidarity with those who were hit by COVID-19. Only 9 deaths were recorded in New Zealand.

SANNA MARIN, Prime Minister Of Finland, also the youngest Prime Minister of the world, prepared Finland to secure it from the pandemic.

She used the Emergency Power Act and locked all the borders of the state. She even ended the passenger railway service between Russia and Finland. The government of Finland took immediate measures in the medication and equipment section to prevent any casualties. In a conference, Marin said, “Even though more difficult times lie ahead, Finland and Finns will
overcome this. Our health care professionals are highly skilled and our authorities reliable. The society is working. Now every one of us must think about our fellow citizens and their well-being even more than you.”

The main reasons for the successful combating of COVID-19 of these countries were the early awareness, decisive actions and the strict application of rules. As soon as Tsai Ing-Wen heard about the spread of infection in Wuhan, she ordered an immediate and strict check of all the people coming in flights from Wuhan.


Maximum all the male-led countries today are in distress. The United States of America, the most developed country and it’s head President Donald Trump called the virus a ‘hoax’.

The prime minister of UK, Boris Johnson refused to look at the severity of the pandemic and refused to impose restrictions. And the results were- he being hospitalized because of the infection of COVID-19. Before getting admitted, he even said that he would not restrict himself from shaking hands with the hospital crew.

Had the leader of China restricted the people from leaving Wuhan, the virus would have not spread in the first place itself.

Are more female leaders required in the future to rule the world better?

Well, reading the results I think that we do need more women leaders.

At the time when all the Male leaders were filled with pride over their decisions and pharmaceuticals, these women took the crisis seriously. They took immediate decisions and acted upon them with great strength.

There are so many things that men can learn from women to lead their countries better. But it is sad to notice there is only 7% representation of women as state leaders throughout the world.


Why is it such a plight for women?

We talk about feminism as equality between men and women but when are women given a chance to be on that level?

Why is the media so partial and blind to notice the achievements of these amazingly dedicated women.

When is it we going to see them in media for being acknowledged for their true leaderships?

We’ve come a long way but still, more to go.

Kudos to you ladies!

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