High Paying Part-Time Jobs For International Students In Australia

High Paying Part-Time Jobs In Australia

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In this post, I would like to discuss the “Highest paying part-time jobs for International Students in Australia.”

At the end of this post, you will be able to analyze and know actually about the highest paying part-time jobs that every student can get into and earn really a good amount of money.

Now, I request you guys to read this blog till the end because these recommendations, you will not find anywhere else.

Now, without any further delay; let’s get started!

The order of jobs that I will be mentioning is in no particular and something important that I want to put out is the payscale is subjective to change. It is based on much the employers are wishing to pay but the jobs which I will mention, I will be telling the average of the minimum and you would be getting paid somewhere between or nearly the way I mentioned itself.

Now, I would want to give you a word of caution that is if you are an international student coming in Australia and working, then you have to abide by the visa rules which means you need to work 20 hours a week or 40 hours a fortnight, and you should not try to go against the visa rules; no matter whatever job you are doing.

  1. The first job that we would be considering is a Crew Member in a food chain industry. Now, a food chain industry is one of the most profitable businesses out there in Australia and you get paid really well. A very important thing that you guys need to know, is a casual employee will get paid more than a part-time employee, so the fewer hours you work the more pay you get. And hereby the food chain industry, I mean KFC, McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks etc, these kinds of places and when McDonald’s as a casual employee, you earn on somewhere between $25-$27 per hour but as a part-time employee you may earn somewhere between $20-$25 per hour and Hungry Jacks doesn’t pay you as much as McDonald’s and KFC would pay.
  2. The second job that we can consider is Tutoring. Now if you have good and solid knowledge on certain subjects and you wish to impart that knowledge to others, then this is the right job you can do. There are various tutoring agencies here such as LearnMade, TutorRoute, TutorBright and a lot more who hire in order to impart the knowledge to the kids. However, you would require a working with children check when you are working as a tutor. They would charge around $120 but the validity is for 5 years, so its not a loss at all. You could also be a private tutor and the pay scale for tutoring is $20/hr minimum to $40/hr maximum and if you are working through an agency, then you would be getting somewhere between $25-$28 an hour, but this is one of the most amazing jobs that you can get to do but you don’t get more hours as and you can get the tutor 3-4 hours a week but it is one of the most amazing jobs that you can do.
  3. The third job that we can consider is being an office manager or admin assistant. Now small or medium-sized businesses generally need admin assistants for about 15-20 hours a week. Then these types of jobs will be a target for all of the students. You can get into such types of jobs and they would be paying you somewhere between around $25-$30 dollars per hour. I know a lot of people who are getting paid around $25/hr being an office manager or an admin assistant for a small business. However, you got to be having a strong fluency in the language and also good organization skills so you can manage things well.
  4. The fourth job that we can consider is being a Bartender. Bartenders have got great demand in Australia and the pay scale is increasing over the period of time. The average pay of a bartender is somewhere between $23-$25 dollars an hour however, you can increase your pay as you increase your experience.
  5. The last job that I would like to mention is Customer Service Officers who are working for the metro. Now a metro is one of those government-related organizations that deal with trains and public transport. If you are working as a customer service officer for this kind of organization, then you can get paid really good and get paid extra when you are working on public holidays or over the weekends. The average pay ranges from $25-$28 an hour but during holidays or during weekends, you get paid between $30-$32 per hour.

I hope you guys really love this blog. If you guys liked this blog and comment your views below.

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High Paying Part-Time Jobs For International Students In Australia

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