can ayurveda cure corona

How many of us know the literal meaning of Ayurveda??

The only thing we understand by Ayurveda is grass, turmeric, asafetida, or some other natural thing. BUT people, that’s not it. It has a deeper meaning. ‘Ayur’ means life and ‘Veda’ means knowledge. And Ayurveda is a word which means knowledge of life. It is a Sanskrit word that stretches out to know the meaning of life.

Amazed huh?

How this simple 8 letter word can actually sum up the whole existence?

Well! The deep historical root of Ayurveda extends to the Indian subcontinent. The Rishis and Munis with their prolonged Tapasya gained the essence of this knowledge. Lord Brahma is said to be the god of knowledge and it is through him that the knowledge of Vedas has been given to mankind.


Too much history? But for having a better understanding of this extensive field of knowledge, we definitely need to have a glimpse of history. Want to know interesting news?

I bet you surely do!!

It was in news today that I heard Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro compared India’s drug supply to the country as SANJEEVANI BOOTI brought by Lord Hanuman to India to save the life of Lord Lakshman. I mean hearing this out loud on an international platform by the President of Brazil, itself is the proof of how strong an effect does Ayurveda have on mankind. Woah! Guys that is huge.

sanjeevani booti

For the people who don’t know what Sanjeevani Booti is? Let me tell you. Sanjeevani Booti (known as selaginella Dryopteris) is a life-giving ayurvedic herb that was brought by Lord Hanuman to save the life of Lord Lakshman when he was hit by an arrow during the Ramayana.


As the world scrambles to find a vaccine and an anti-dote to fight against the virus, the learned man lay stress on boosting immunity. No virus can touch us if we have a strong immunity system. Stronger will be the security, better will be the health.

And folks! What can be better than prevention?

We have read it like thousands of times that “prevention is better than cure.” But do we actually apply it?


The answer is no. Till date, Ayurveda has not been able to find a medicine or a cure for COVID 19. But the researchers are working day and night on this. They are sure that will succeed shortly.

ayurveda treatment

But till then they have sincerely urged people to consider Ayurveda and boost their immunity. They are continuously laying stress on the consumption of ayurvedic things like tulsi, chyawanprash, giloy, black pepper and other.


In a video Ramdev, the yoga guru has said that to fight COVID-19, Giloy and Tulsi can be helpful. If someone has the symptoms of coronavirus, then consuming kadha of giloy, tulsi and black pepper with ginger and turmeric can be extremely useful to kill many viruses.

yoga to fight coronavirus

He has also asked people to practice Pranayama, deep breathing, Kapalbharati and Anulom-vilom, this will help prevent the children from COVID 19.

Rishipal Chauhan, Director, Jiva Ayurveda, has also suggested putting two to three drops of sesame oil in each nostril and then sniffing it will not only lubricate the nasal passage and throat but also strengthen the inner mucus membrane to keep away foreign bodies.

Nasya, a therapeutic treatment for nose, throat, sinuses and head can be done with the help of medicated oils like Anu oil and Shadabindu oil, he said in a conversation with IANS Vishal Kaushik, Founder and Managing Director, Upkarma Ayurveda also laid stress on the natural herbs like Tulsi ark and Giloy.

Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India has also consistently put importance on the practice of yoga daily and using Ayurveda.

The ministry, the Ayurveda department, and the yoga gurus have been making unceasing efforts to get the hold of coronavirus.

The crux of all the arguments is boosting our immune system through Ayurveda. It surely is the need of the hour to turn towards Ayurveda for a healthy future.

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