Is MEDITATION the key to self-awareness?

Is Meditation the key to reducing stress?

Does meditation help to lessen depression?

Well, the answer to all those questions depends actually on the person meditating.

Generally, meditation helps in all those things. HOW?

For that, we must learn what meditation actually means.

benefits of yoga

Meditation is a way of transforming minds. Meditation is not about becoming a different person altogether. But it helps the same person to deal with the same problems with a more positive outlook which in turn
helps to solve that person’s problems from the root clause rather than beating around the bush. One learns to observe more but without a sense of judgment.


Meditation is also a skill that is learned through practice. It takes enormous practise to get comfortable with one’s brain. It helps in gaining a sense of fulfilment and soothes your mind as well as your body. It is the only skill that doesn’t require many postures to work on or get comfortable.

how to do meditation

Generally, we will see that the people who meditate are all in the same position that is, sitting cross-legged. And if that’s not easy, just sit kneeling or on a chair. All you need to do is close your eyes and relax. If you are not able to set your mind in one place, just watch how you breathe in and breathe out. It helps the mind and body to slow down for some
time and relax. Like even when we sleep, our body is fully functioning and it doesn’t get time to relax, meditation helps our body to cool down and work peacefully.

Meditation helps in boosting confidence by bringing out the positive qualities of a person. It helps to relax anxiety and anger management. Meditation makes a person focus more on oneself personally and professionally. It helps in boosting self-esteem and tries to demean
negativity out of one’s life. It promotes emotional health. Every psychologist or counsellor suggests people try and meditate for at least 10 minutes a day. It may as well reduce age-related memory loss and generate kindness. It improves sleep, memory, mood and even social intelligence.


People nowadays even listen to music while meditating. Special music is prepared to aid in the practice of meditation termed as meditation music. Meditation Music helps to calm our nerves and take attention away from a noisy brain. Meditation Music does not only help while meditating but also to help sleep. It even helps in deeper meditation. Music has a lot of transformative powers. It has a tremendous ability to influence one’s mind. Many times our mood even depends on the music we listen to.

Meditation doesn’t depend on the age of the person. Each and every individual should meditate for at least 15 minutes every day anytime suitable by the person. There are many places even where you can practice meditation without the feeling of judgement from people. Some of the different kinds of music for meditation can be Indian Classical Music,
sounds of Nature, Instrumental Music or Christian Music.

lord buddha

According to Buddha, meditation trains the mind to “not dwell in the past or contemplate about the future”. One of the major institutes working towards making people aware of meditation is “THE ART OF LIVING”, an organization started by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. This organization holds many stress-elimination and self-development programs based on the breathing technique of Sudarshan Kriya, meditation and yoga conducted by instructors mostly volunteers. It is scientifically proven that meditation and yoga help to soothe one’s mind and body. In today’s world of stress and anxiety, this is the least we can do to help our body heal and grow with time.

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