Is this world a safe place after Today’s News Headlines?

todays news

It was today that I was listening to the news on television.

There were multiple news.

Most of them were about COVID-19 pandemic.

How people were being irresponsible towards social distancing. This was a series of news.

Headlines today:

  1. Long queue in front of the liquor shops today.
  2. Doctors, police officers and Defense personnel our new SUPERHEROES.
  3. People buy liquor worth 34 Crore ignoring the social distancing.
  4. An Indian army colonel, a major, two soldiers and a Police sub-
    inspector of Jammu and Kashmir were martyred today in a
    terrorist attack.

Is this exactly the India that our martyred leaders dreamt of?

In fact, is this the world which we call a safe space?

It’s really shameful to even think about what the terrorists just did.

Where the whole world is fighting the war of humanity and survival against the pandemic, these people are busy spreading hatred.

Where the governments, online rangers, NGO’S and are waging a war up against the CORONAVIRUS, these people are initialling a war against humanity.

On one hand, where every individual is trying to create hope, the terrorists are busy spreading fear.

It is easy to blame the terrorists because they are easily seen. But what about the civilians behaving like terrorists?

Doctor, Nurses and the government has strictly told to follow the rule of social distancing, but is it actually followed?

Is liquor more important than the lives of people?

There are so many questions that we need to ask ourselves. The lockdown is hitting hard on people and we understand that. But is rushing the solution to it?

Crushing the orders of health institutions will not ease your pain. We are in this situation and it’s high time we accept it. Discipline is the need of the hour.

Lockdown was eased for people to start their work by being in the frame of regulations. But what are we actually doing?

We are behaving like wild bulls on the open streets. It is easier to blame the terrorists of the blast, but these hidden terrorists are difficult to find. These civilian terrorists wear the mask of citizenship and ruin the country from within.

They are not less harmful than other terrorists. The Police force had to be deployed to restrict people to their home.

People should know that there is a term called “SELF-REALISATION.

Along with the Fundamental Rights, the Fundamental Duties are also listed in the “CONSTITUTION OF INDIA.”

  • It is our fundamental as well moral duty to uphold the unity of India.
  • We are obligated to defend the country.
  • Our duty is to promote harmony and the spirit of common
  • Brotherhood amongst all the people of India transcending
  • religious, linguistic and regional or sectional diversities; to
  • renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women.
  • It is our fundamental duty to safeguard public property and to
  • abjure violence.

It was really heart-wrenching to hear the news of martyr soldiers. Our soldiers are fighting dual war.

One war with the Covid-19 virus and other war on the borders.

The doctors and nurses are fighting against the “CORONAVIRUS.”

The Police are fighting with the civilians to keep them home for their own safety.

Folks, it is high time we understand the rules. They are for us to follow
and for our own safety.

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Is this world a safe place after Today’s News Headlines?

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