Kheerganga Trek: All You Need to Know


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In the living arrangement Himachal Pradesh, lies a brilliant spot called Kheerganga (3500m) at the ludicrous completion of Sylvan Hills’ Parvati Valley, where it is confided in Lord Shiva contemplated for countless years. The extravagant greenery of the mountains, the rich River Parvati and lovely skies are unmistakably an eagerly awaited delight to a trekker’s eyes and soul.


The spot has a religious significance for both Hindu and Sikh voyagers. Masterminded 22 km away from Manikaran, Kheerganga is common for its bubbling water spring despite significant snowfall and washing in it is an experience you will cherish. While trekking, the trail uncovers understood guest objectives in transit like Rudra Nag Waterfall and Shiv Temple. You should continue for the Kasol – Kheerganga trek to experience agreement in the quieting sights of the unique Himalayas.

The spellbinding greatness of Kheerganga

A couple acknowledges that it was the offspring of Lord Shiva, Kartikeya, who came here in the wake of losing a race to his kin Ganesha. He remained in a ‘Samadhi'(meditation) for a large number of years. It was Lord Shiva who endeavored to allure his youngster by channelizing a surge of Kheer (rice pudding) to bring him back. The genuine noteworthiness of the word Kheerganga is ‘smooth white consecrated water’.

      “Mountain View From Banbanjara”

A Trek to Kheerganga

Pretty much three years back, when I went to Kasol with a social affair of my darling mates, I found out about Kheerganga from the people who were coming back from the trek. They uncovered to us that paying little mind to its obvious challenges, the trek was an incredible experience that would make for a lifetime of memories. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, Kheerganga had been on my summary of spots to go, till the open entryway finally presented itself.

A month prior, I went for the trek, and after my squeezing, I went to Shivaji Stadium from where I should board a beat wayfarer transport at 10 pm. I wore my headphones effectively, turned on the music, and settled back. We took a pit stop at Murthal for dinner, where I acknowledged Pyaaz Parathe with pickle and curd, by then we set out toward the road again. This was on the grounds that I was voyaging solo, so my over-intensity barely let me lay on the vehicle.

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The morning started with a stunning sunrise see that I had a great time from an area Dhaba where we relished tea and sandwiches. In the wake of crossing point the harsh method for Manikaran and Kasol road, the vehicle dropped me at the Kasol Bus Stop at around 2 pm. I met two or three different people at the bus stop who were needing to trek to Kheerganga at 2 pm. Instead of expressing yes to them, I found a motel for a night stay in Kasol as I should have been completely revived for the voyage. In the wake of loosening up for 2 hours, I took a stroll to the Kasol Street that is moreover implied as Mini Israel, in perspective on the various Hebrew recorded announcements and a collection of delectable Israeli dishes that are being served in the diners and bistros.

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Following day, I started my endeavor at 6 is consequent to getting some toast from the hotel’s bistro. I recently visited a near to asylum where I met my guide, who had 8 years of inclusion in trekking. We set our target to reach Kheerganga by early evening. From the asylum, we moved to Barsaini, the base camp, which is in like manner the blending reason for the Parvati and Tosh Rivers. On our way to the top, we walked around the wonderful scene near a surprising sight of nature. We passed several wooden augmentations, dubious scenes, and hazardous twists. I discovered a couple of spellbinding points of view on the sky, falls and winged creatures in my camera. We landed at Rudra Nag Waterfall at 10 am, where we stayed for 15 minutes to regard the greatness of the slants.

Trekking from Kasol to Kheerganga

We moreover came through towns Kalga and Pulga, where nearby individuals sang a couple of Himachali society tunes for us, and that moment was truly divine! They informed me about their way concerning life and nearby individuals offered me a traditional desert of Himachal, Mittha, which is set up with rice, jaggery, raisins, and dry natural items. Further on, the course ended up grand, with sights of asylums, gushing water streams, sprouts, mud houses, and snow-topped trees.

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We landed at the green dale of Kheerganga hit into time! I took a resuscitating dunk in the common spring that washed off the whole of my tiredness and leg torment from the experience. That day, I experienced a night in the camp. To laud the achievement of trekking, a burst was arranged as a whole around night time. Playing a game, Antakshri and moving set the pace straight for the night. That was another eager night as people were up to speed with participating and offering their experiences to each other.

Trekking in Kheerganga

I had a rest for around 2 hours and I woke up to the nippy morning breeze with a superb point of view on the daybreak and flying fowls. Resulting in eating, I went to dive in the high temp water spring. We started the trek back to Barsaini after breakfast at 11:30 is which took us 3 and a half hours, and after that, we returned to Kasol, which is just 3 km away.

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Some exciting things to do –

  1. Just wake up early and enjoy at a maximum of your hiking trip.
  2. Wonder about camping under the stars.
  3. Consider to stop at Naktan and give your legs some rest.
  4. Relive the old world charm in the middle of the pine forest.
  5. Pamper the coffee/tea addiction in you with some delicious snacks or Maggi.
  6. Keep your eye on the mesmerizing sunset of this Himachali region.
  7. Just ditch the hotels and think about homestays, instead.
  8.  Rejuvenate yourself in the natural hot springs of Kheerganga.

Below is a mini-guide for those who are thinking of trek to Kheerganga in the coming time.

Estimated cost

Basic expense for Kheerganga trip would involve:

  • Volvo bus tickets to & fro Delhi to Bhuntar INR 2,000;
  • Bhuntar to Barshaini (to & fro) INR 200;
  • lodging at Kheerganga (or any other village) – INR 200 per day;
  • Food – INR 500

Best time to visit

Between May or the starting of June and November.

How to reach

There are a lot of public transport services like bus and taxi, which easily accessible from Kasol to Barshaini and, at last, to Pulna. The way to the  Pulna right side goes through tough trails, heavy boulders, and lush foliage. Alternatively, if you are coming through the route of Bhuntar, you may board a bus from Bhuntar to Manikaran (36 km), and then after, from Manikaran to Barshaini (18 km). Then there is the last bus from Barshaini to Bhuntar leaves at 5:00 PM. Or, hire a cab from Manikaran for INR 100 approx.

Where to stay:

There are a lot of tourist accommodations at the summit of Kheer Ganga. There is also the availability of lodging on the beautiful green meadows. Or, by paying a nominal fee to the authorities’ in-charge, tourists can pitch their own tents.

If you walk a bit further, you might get a room at the Ashram, which is looked after by monks and priests. The rooms are basically made of wooden shacks and the best part is that they are available at very pocket-friendly rates at INR 150-200 approx., which includes a meal of rice, dal, and chapati. There is also the facility of hot water spring that passes through the ashram, and there’s a common toilet for men and women too. Common sleeping is available for INR 200 approx. which covers modest bedding and blanket.

Whatever your preference would be, the accommodation will be available depending upon the season, number of tourists and weather.

What to pack

  • Shades
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Most extraordinary tallness: 3050 m
  • Agreeable pieces of clothing
  • Restorative guide unit
  • Trekking shoes and trekking shaft
  • Water bottle, umbrella
  • First aid kit
  • Power Bank
  • Few candies for uphill climbs to keep a supple supply of blood sugar and prevent dryness of throat
  • Enough cash

Kheerganga Trek Highlights

Length: 1 Nights 2 days

Delhi to Kasol: 520 km

Kasol to Barsaini: 40 km

Barsaini to Kheerganga: 12 km

Note: From Barshaini, which serves as the base point to Rudra Nag, Kalga and Pulga, there are two routes leading to:

Rudra Nag (13 km): A steep climb, dotted with beautiful vistas ideal for photography lovers.

Kalga (17 km): It is easy to climb but takes longer to come down. Therefore, infrequent trekkers may go for it. However, it is not visually remarkable for enthusiastic photographers.

Things to recall

  • Refrain from taking backup courses of action in the mountains.
  • Track cautiously at the slippery Hot water spring.
  • Leave an insignificant proportion of organic impression by choosing to not litter on the trail.
  • No versatile frameworks at Kheerganga.
  • Must-Try Cafes.
  • Buddha Place.
  • Moon Dance Cafe.
  • Mother Cafe
  • Jim Morrison Cafe
  • The Evergreen Cafe
  • Recommended Hotels
  • ADB Rooms Summer Hills
  • The Woodward Two
  • Hotel Sandhya, Kasol
  • Parvati River Kasol
One thing guys!
Network connections and internet services are not able to catch the signals by the time you reach Kheerganga.
However, you might accordingly plan for such situations and make use of your family or friend connections so they can help you in case.
Ingest the reestablishing epitome of Pin Parvati valley as you explore the astonishing points of view on Kheerganga, setting out from Kasol. Release up and unravel in the arms of nature.
Well, If you are planning a trip to Kheerganga, wish you a happy journey!
Make your holidays memorable and share your amazing camping and trekking experiences below in the comment section!

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Kheerganga Trek: All You Need to Know

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