Life on a canvas!

“A painting is not a picture of experience but is the experience”- Mark Rothko.

The minute you enter a house, you will know the number of places they have been to. No, I am not talking about the mementoes corner I am talking about art. The painting and artefacts on the wall and drawing room form around the country can tell a lot.

Paintings play a very important role in enhancing the beauty of your houses, but do you know every single object around has its own energy, aura and vibes.

As our places and directions keep on shifting from place to place following Vastu can be a bit tiring. I have a wonderful idea. Today lets discuss the art you own and how can you enhance the positivity around you.

DO’s and DON’Ts of Paintings you hang on you walls. Yeah can do the triumph dance as I am going to save a lot on future purchases.

Tini Tiny basic rules to keep in mind while you choose a painting.

The happiness Quotient:

“The rising Sun” is a symbol of new beginnings, light after dark, and brightness in life. Such paintings bring happiness and create a happy environment in the house and amongst people living there. The east wall is the best in case you can manage.

You can also put scenery that depicts a long road for good planning and a clear vision.

Flower vases paintings can create good memories and connection in the family.

Avoid painful human pictures or portrays with tears invites sadness.
Mahabharata scenes are a complete no-no. Have you ever wondered Mahabharata was a war between family members it’s a tragic story which never seems to end well?

It not only bring sorrow but also family clashes.

Lets talk money:

Water bodies or flowing water or fish painting is the symbol of increasing wealth the only rule is it has to be in on the North wall or North direction else it can symbolize flow of expenditures. A calm lake painting is a depiction of financial stability and growth.

Bamboo plant picture near the entrance of the house brings abundance and success in business.

The wind is the perfect element for financial flow. Pictures like flying birds, flowing plants and trees make best paintings for monetary gains.

Health is wealth:

Deer is known for its elegance, it’s a good idea to put a deer painting in a happy scenario for good health.

Fruit basket, vegetable paintings can take place in your dining or kitchen. It’s the element of Chi and increases hunger and healthy outlook towards eating habits.

Taj Mahal is a perfect beauty but it’s a burial place for the Queen. Such paintings are not very present in terms of health and happiness.

Relationship matters:

Paintings of hearts and bird couples in the bedroom can enhance romance.
Family pictures, mountains, urban or rural scenes, posters of children without saying goes on the south wall which brings family growth, support an stability.

Animal figures both paintings and souvenirs, hunting pictures, and lonely birds can bring marital discord or lack of balance in the family. Couple painting of birds can bring happiness in companionship.

Woman or phoenix paintings can cause relationship troubles and cause distraction.

Cleansing effects:

Picture of pine trees in the house cleanses the negative energy and heal the members in stress. White is the ideal background.

Rainbows, flower and beautiful natural sceneries calm down the soul and hence bring positivity.

Buddha or mandala paintings facing the main door bring in positivity and wards away anger or negative feelings.

Natraj painting or portrait is a Mahadev dance of destruction, it is not to be put in the house because it can bring anger and frustration.

Sinking ship or boat can cause ripples in energy. Keeping these paintings at both home and workplace can bring bad mood and bad luck.

Abstract artwork which has no meaning or seems difficult to understand is not for homes. It causes confusion chaos and stress for the members living in the house.

Decorate your home with vibrant colors and bright meaningful painting let the art create a positive impact on your life. Live clutter free and do not store paintings which are not useful to you.

Xoxo TarotRani
Nupur Heda Patil

About: Nupur is a professional Tarot card reader and a healer. Her work often requires house cleansing and space cleansing. With 14 years of experience in the field and a list of curious clients, she ended up taking Vastu lessons so that she can help the clients permanently in terms of enhancing positivity in their lives and homes.
If you have more such questions, you can always reach out to her

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Life on a canvas!

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