Lobongo Lotika Recipe – Bengali Sweets Recipe

Lobongo lotika recipe

We know it’s a difficult time for all of us. But a good food can make your
mood switch at once.

All we want from this quarantine is a good time.

Since we are bound to stay at home we all are spending good quality time with our near and dear ones.

We are having breakfast with them, lunch, brunch or even evening tea for which we were longing.

Tea and snacks are deadly combinations. Just a cup of tea/coffee with snacks of our choices can make our mind stress free. By having a flaming hot cup of tea we can chit chat for more than an hour. We can share a lot of feelings and can lighten our stress to some extent.

Bengalis are well-known for their food items and tea time snacks are also worldly famous.

Kolkata a city mainly known for its food but for bengali people it’s rather a feeling.

Bengali people are the owner of a well-spaced stomach so that they can eat and eat all the tasty stuff.

But since we all are home quarantine we have a lot of vacant time to share memories and a lot of topics to discuss.

All you need is a flaming hot cup of tea and some sweet and salty snacks to go with it.

Today I’m sharing this beautiful recipe called Lobongo lotika (long
latifa). This is a traditional Bengali sweet type snack.

Well, it’s quite difficult to find it at every shop because it’s a kind of homemade sweet. Very easy to make of tasty to eat.

Basically, it is a kind of parcel filled with Khoya/Mawa or kheer and sealed with a clove. Deeply fried and sugar syrup coated pastry.

“Lobongo lotika” it’s fanciful name is enough to prove its richness and

Clove is known as lobongo; this can be one of the reason for it’s
whimsically different name.

So, without any further delay, let’s make this amazing and mouthwatering snack. All you need six to seven ingredients to prepare this.

All ingredients can be easily available at home. The filling can be prepared 4-5 days before and can be stored in an airtight container and put it in the refrigerator.

Ingredients needed for Lobongo Lotika:

  • 2 cups of purpose flour/ refined flour(maida)
  • 1 cup of mawa/khoya
  • 2 tbsp of cardamom powder
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 3 cups of water
  • Some dried nuts/ dry fruits
  • Some cloves to seal the parcel
  • Saffron (optional)
  • Ghee for deep frying

For filling:

Step 1: In a pan add khoya/mawa, 3 tbsp of sugar. Cook this mixture until it becomes smooth in texture.

Step 2: Add dried nuts and dry fruits, cardamom powder into it.

Step 3: Now, keep this mixture aside and rub it down with refined wheat flour, water and 4-5 tbsp of Ghee.

Step 4: Once your filling mixture is ready put it aside for further

(Here I’m sharing with you people my trick of making the easiest filling possible. I prefer gulab jamun filling instead of this above-mentioned filling mixture. By simply breaking the gulab jamuns into the clot and use them as filling mixture.)

For sugar syrup:

Step 1: Make a syrup with sugar.

Step 2: Add some water and stir it till one thread consistency. (Add a pinch of saffron, but it is completely optional )

Step 3: Keep it aside and move forward for recipe of flaky dough.

For the parcel/pastry:

  • 1 cup of refined flour(maida)
  • Half cup of Ghee
  • Salt to taste
  • Water
  • Refined oil / ghee for deep frying

Step 1: Take a bowl add purpose flour and ghee into it, and salt for a sweet and salty taste.

Step 2: Now mix it well, to make a dough.

Step 3: Make sure that this should be a rough dough, so don’t add more water into it let it be a little dry at first.

Step 4: Leave this dough for 20 minutes or so.


Step 1: Take a little portion of the dough and shape it like a disc of 14cm and some 1mm thick ( same as samosa’s outer layer)

Step 2: Place 1 tbsp of filling at the centre of the disc.

Step 3: Apply water at the edges to roll the parcel. This can be act like a glue to your parcel.

Step 4: Now fold the parcel with opposite ends over one another.

Step 5: Then turn the parcel and apply water over the wings; same as we did before.

Step6: Seal the pastry with clove and make it look like a parcel.

For Frying:

  • Take a pan, add a good amount of ghee or refined oil into it.
  • Heat the oil a little because the parcel contains a lot of layers and it will take time and patience to get a golden brown colour.
  • Fry it in medium flame, so that the oil will not make your parcel burn.
  • Once you’ll get golden brown colour on your parcel, drain them from oil and to let them drink the sugar syrup put them into the bowl of sugar syrup.
  • Put them all one by one and shake off all the excess syrup over them.
  • Then place them on a plate to cool. You can serve it hot or cool.

This is a perfect snack to go with tea. Sweet and salty in taste at the same time crisp and flaky also. Enjoy these with your cup of tea and forget
all the other things in its crispness, its sweetness and switch your mood with a little saltiness.

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Lobongo Lotika Recipe – Bengali Sweets Recipe

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