OMG! The Best 10 Indian Music Artists you could be listening to instead of “Bollywood Remixes” Ever!

Bollywood music and songs have been degrading over time.

Nowadays, Bollywood does not produce great talents it used to do earlier, especially in the golden era.

It looks like they have lost their creativity.

All they do is reproduce other’s work or make remixes of the original melodies. They are not ready to take risks. Their focus is on the money rather than the quality of the music. The music culture in India has majorly been taken over by Bollywood and there is no escaping it.

But are we even trying to look around and explore new melodies?

Turns out, we are! If you are tired of listening to those awful remixes, here are some artists who will freshen up your minds with their music:

1. Prateek Kuhad

He is a singer-songwriter who makes independent music. He has gained notice since his 2015 debut album, In Tokens and Charms

prateek kuhad

His indie-folk music speaks to your soul. Even Barack Obama is a fan of his heartbreak-inspired songs.

Born: 3 March 1990 (age 30 years), Jaipur
Genre: Indie folk
Education: New York University
Albums: In Tokens & Charms, Karwaan, Gurgoan, MORE

2. Ritviz

This Pune based singer, DJ, and music producer will steal your hearts with his funky EDM beats.


He won the Barcadi House Party Sessions India Talent Hunt in 2017. He is trained in Hindustani Classical Music. His song ‘Udd Gaye’ is a lyrical fusion of Indian and electronic music.

Full name: Ritviz Srivastava
Genre: Dance/Electronic
Albums: Twerkistan, YUV
Record labels: Su Real, Ritviz

3. Easy Wanderlings

Easy Wanderlings is globally recognized for its delicate and soothing melodies.

easy wanderlings

There’s a lot of variation in their music. The songs are playful, melancholic, and show different voices. ‘Written in the Stars’ is an 8-track soothing soft-rock soundtrack to stories about love, triumph, and confidence.

Genre: Alternative/Indie
Record label: Easy Wanderlings
Albums: As Written in the Stars

4. Meera Shenoy

She is the youngest blues/jazz singer-songwriter that can make you feel
nostalgic about life. She has been performing since 2011 and sings in English, French, and Spanish, her speciality being kick-your-feet-back/pour-yourself-a- glass-of-wine kinda music.

meera shenoy

Young Meera Shenoy may be just 21-years-old, but she sings with her full soul of a veteran artist.

5. Awkward Bong/ Rono

His music is a great company for a chill session with your friends and family.

Formerly known as Awkward Bong, Ronit Sarkar now performs under the stage name of Rono.

Awkward Bong is Mumbai-based musician Ronit Sarkar’s singer-songwriter avatar.

awkward bong rono

He is currently writing new music and, inch by inch, playing his way around India’s independent music circuit.

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Albums: Que la Música Hable, Evitable, Saronin Aoleng 2 Bunga Karaton, G.D.M.N
Record labels: Fitria Record, Rono, Poijan Paukarot Entertainment

6. Hari and Sukhmani

A duo from Chandigarh fuses folk music from the land of Punjab with ambient electronica to create a sound that is fresh and eclectic.

hari and sukhmani

Hari’s electronic skills perfectly compliment Sukhmani’s powerful voice.

7. Kumail

Kumail is a 22-years-old Mumbai based producer who follows a subtle and
the minimalist approach that gives a sense of joy and calm.


His music can be heard at any point of the day and in any mood.

8. Aarifah Rebello

This Mumbai based artist can soothe your soul.

aarifah rabello

Her voice is perfect for when you just want to chill and do nothing.

9. Krameri

Karmeri is a piano-playing singer-songwriter. Her style is unique. She’s one of those musicians whose music makes you feel something instantly.


10. Anuv Jain

Anuv Jain is a soft/pop-rock artist from Ludhiana, Panjab.

anuv jain

His deep and intense vocals and lyrical poetry have made an impression on each and every listener.

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OMG! The Best 10 Indian Music Artists you could be listening to instead of “Bollywood Remixes” Ever!

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