All About Shiny Object Syndrome – Drawbacks and Ideas to Overcome it

the shiny object syndrome

Before understanding the term “shiny object syndrome” we need to understand what we mean by a syndrome.

The syndrome is a set pattern of signs or symptoms, that are co-related and that associate with a particular disease or disorder. Syndromes usually cause malfunctioning of either mind or body. It is hard to trace them. It takes time to recognize the pattern and then follow up a conclusion.

According to a report, many people who suffer from such syndromes do not even realize that they have a syndrome.

For example- Irregular sleep-wake rhythm disorder. People suffering from this disorder usually feel sleepy throughout the day. They do not have a set pattern or a proper sleep cycle.

In this article, you will get to know about one such syndrome called “THE SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME (SOS).”

What comes to your mind when you hear SOS. You might wonder that people suffering from this syndrome might be obsessed with shiny objects.

What could be the Shiny Object Syndrome’s definition?

It is a syndrome in which a person “chases new things.” It can be new goals, new ideas, new projects or anything. Many questions will arise in your mind.

Like why is that bad?

Chasing new dreams and ideas is good. These are basically the aspirations of people.

learning new things

But let me ask you one simple question.

Is chasing your new projects good without completing the previous ones?

Running behind new things without accomplishing the old ones?

Now we will start wondering.

The word “shiny” is taken from a young child’s perspective. Like children run towards new shiny things, as they appear fascinating to them, so does the older people do.

The symptoms of shiny object syndrome are visible.

All that Glitters is not Gold my friend.”

Everything is good if done in limits. Chasing new ideas and projects is fine, but leaving everything in the middle of it, can be disastrous. There are many drawbacks that the syndrome might lead to.


Let’s say, I start a new website. But before completing that website, I get attracted to another idea and starting on that website.

It will become a chain then. Will I ever be able to complete even one website?

No, certainly not. And this will lead to my failure. When your journey’s keep changing, you never reach your aim.


Taking up new projects require new ideas. A proper plan is needed to execute a new project. And jumping from one projects to projects exhaust your ability to think.

You form a new idea, then you start executing your plan and in the middle, you change your project.

Boom! All is lost. All of your previous efforts will become worthless. Now beginning a new project right from the start will be exhausting.


Exactly, this is the main point. Nobody will pay you for your incomplete projects. If you take up a project from well-esteemed the company, but you hand it over to them incomplete, don’t even think you will be getting paid.

what is shiny object syndrome

And now all the money you invested in your project is the money well wasted. Because you will not get it back.

Be smart with what you do of your money, or there will be no penny left in your pocket someday.


If you are dealing with new projects from time to time rapidly, without completing the previous ones, a lot of confusion builds up.

And if it’s your company and you have a staff working under you, then be prepared for their brutal and a long list of questions.


When you make efforts to achieve your aim and you don’t achieve it for a long time, you get demoralized.

Successive failures lower down your self-esteem. This ignites the process of your mental collapse or even worse. You start to lose your confidence.

The moment to panic starts as you do not get any profits. But that is the moment to boost your self-confidence.

Here are the tips to boost your self-confidence.


If you think that you are suffering from this syndrome, then don’t worry, we’ve got you. No matter how difficult it might seem but you can eventually get over with the shiny object syndrome. Prevention is definitely better than cure. Here are some tips of


1. Patience is the key

Just be patient with what you do. Do not rush into things. Give them things. Success is not something that can be achieved at midnight. It requires consistency and determination. So when you work on a project or idea, do wait for the results. New things can wait.

2. Shiny is not always good

Before you jump onto new projects, try to evaluate its cost. Do your research. Maybe the new project that you are willing take is not as worthy as you think it is. Old is gold. But we are not telling you to stick to the old things.


3. Be calculative

Try to analyze what you will gain by taking up the project. Simultaneously track you lose that you will face as a result of not completing the previous one. Evaluate your profits and your losses and then decide whether to jump on to a new project or not. Calculations are very important.

The right ones can lead you to success and the wrong ones can bring you down. The leaders of some nations, during the COVID-19 crisis, calculated the dangers of this deadly virus. And as a result, they were successful in controlling it. To know more about them, click the link.

4. Jumping can be expensive

If you jump into a pool when you don’t know how to swim, you will drown. And if you will jump into new projects before completing the old ones, you will be in a debt trap. For example, you take up a new project of building a road and invest a lot of money it. But before completing it, you take up a new project of constructing a home, you will be left with half of the money before.

5. New is not always fascinating

Taking up new projects is definitely fascinating, but only when you finish the previous one. If you will jump onto a new project before the results of the first one, you will just waste your energy.

6. Discipline

It is the basic value required to accomplish any work or any idea. Discipline is the prerequisite notion and value to the path of success. It teaches you the importance of hard work plus consistency. The army is primarily taught to be disciplined. Discipline is important in your work. It will not allow you to leave work in the mid-way. This one word sums up all the efforts.

7. Learn to say NO

A no means a no. If you will be firm in your decision to not start
anything new before the precious one ends, you will definitely complete it. Say No to all new projects till the time you do not finish the old ones. Keep them waiting. Calculate the pros and cons and then work hard on it. Once you are finished with your present projects, you are ready to take the new ones.


If you think that you have entered the phase in which you are the shiny object syndrome then do not worry. We’ve got you. here are the things you can do if you want to combat this syndrome.


The shiny object syndrome is a psychological syndrome. It does not affect your body as much as it affects your brain. Psychological well-being is really important for your overall well-being.

The simple ways through which you can improve your psychological well-being are listed here.


The psychologist will help you deal with the stress in a better way. They will give you a plan and do the timely introspection and tell you about your growth and your pitfalls.

Getting professional help from a psychologist is way better than ruining your career.


Yes, you read it right. Taking risk is brave. But only bravery is not sufficient to decide whether or not to take the risk. Along with bravery, intelligence is also needed. Before starting the project, analyze it. It is possible that it might not benefit you a lot. And then you might drop the idea.


The more you communicate the better results you get. When you will communicate with your team about starting a new project, they will help you and convince you to stay on the same project. They will help you get the broader prospects of the ideas. Communicate with your family and loved ones, because they will always tell you what is good for you. They are your well-wishers.


It might seem boring to you, but this is extremely important.
Yoga and meditation help you to build focus. It helps you gain
better concentration and thus make better decisions. It will
make you more disciplined in your actions. It will help you to
be persistent and not fall in the pleasure of new ideas. Here are
the benefits of meditation and yoga.

how to do meditation


It seems heavy but is very simple. Our basic mindset is to achieve whatever we can. Keep trying new ideas and projects to explore. And this is not bad either. But when you take up a project for work, it becomes your duty to finish it. Acquiring new skills is good, but not at the cost of leaving the old ones in midway.

Transforming your mindset is easy with these tricks – CLICK HERE

Shiny Object Syndrome Cure

Try to policy your productivity: 7 Tools which can help you focus on your life

The shiny object syndrome can be dangerous if not taken care of. But you do not have to panic about that. ShhhStuff has brought to you some easy and effective ideas to help you combat it. The supervision of a psychologist is highly recommended.

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All About Shiny Object Syndrome – Drawbacks and Ideas to Overcome it

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