RAMAYAN- A Nostalgic Trip for the 80’s Kids


Ramayan, a show that almost everyone knows about in this lockdown. It had recently turned into the “HIGHEST VIEWED ENTERTAINMENT SHOW GLOBALLY” by registering 77 million viewers for a single episode.

It is such a proud moment for not just the Indian serials but also the knowledge about the evergreen pages written by our great saints that shine even today. The show is primarily based on Valmiki’s Ramayan and Tulsidas’s Ramcharitramanas.

This mythological series was first telecasted in 1987-1988 created, written and directed by one and only Ramanand Saagar. The people were hooked on to this show when it was first aired.

If anything that was certain at that time was, every Sunday at 9 am, the show was televised and people would leave everything just to watch it.

Ramayan Trailer

The show was watched sometimes and the songs were played at the weddings of those days.

Reruns were also aired on Star Plus and Star Utsav in the 2000s. They were generous enough to re-air this show amidst lockdown from 28th March 2020 to 2nd May 2020 on DD NATIONAL.

It is one of the most renowned shows of that age. The one thing that is good about the lockdown is that it made people realize the importance of families.

From discussing recipe ideas to discussing episodes of Ramayan, it feels like even though decades have passed but we are still the same with maybe just some different virtues.

There are nostalgia and joy both in equal amounts. The one particular episode where ‘LUV-KUSH’ recited the entire story of Ramayan through the song ‘HUM KATHA SUNATE HAI’ has just left everyone emotional. Like the old times, people are still talking about the re-union episode of Luv and Kush with their father Raja Ram.

sita ram

Did you know when Ramayan first aired on DD NATIONAL, the show was ended after Ramji returns to Ayodhya with Sitaji after fourteen years of exile?

But then riots arose demanding the production team to produce ‘Uttar Ramayan’. These riots were so extreme that the parliament at that time had to pass orders to re-telecast the show.

Internet is full of people expressing love for this show and how much will it
missed. For some, this was the family time and for some, it was recalling the
golden days.

This serial turned out to be one of the greatest shows that will remain etched to our hearts.

Let’s pray for this time to end. Ramayan made the lockdown bearable.

Let’s hope that not more people get affected by this coronavirus and the world just comes out a lot stronger and friendly placeto live in.

Listening to our family members sharing details when the show was first made still brings a little spark in their eyes.

It is just so natural when they talk about it. The sparkle in their eyes and smile on their faces is because they feel connected to the younger generation after ages.

They have been through so much that the younger generation cannot even think of. The millennial thinks the world has grown because of them, but the truth is that the ’80s have made the world grow within them.

This lockdown and health issues are something they never thought they would have to deal with. The younger generation can do one thing that will help them to feel at ease is talking and listening to them.

Listen to their stories. We all love movies or books but we still ignore the beauty and moral that our parents or grandparents have to offer by their stories.

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RAMAYAN- A Nostalgic Trip for the 80’s Kids

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