Top 10 Movies by IRRFAN KHAN – A Tribute to the Legend

irrfan khan movies list

Irrfan Khan, the legendary name in Bollywood is known for his work and not just his name. A brilliant actor and a more brilliant personality, the actor did not only win many awards but also all the hearts of people.

When asked from a fan where Irrfan Khan lives, the fan replied:-

For the actor whoseWork was his religion”, there is not enough place on the Earth to burry him.

He will always be burried in the hearts of people.

A name that will be engraved on the big curtain of cinema in Golden words. He surely dominated the history of Indian cinema.

On his Death today, the world bows down to him.

Irrfan khan died

We bring to you the list of top 10 Irrfan Khan movies, as a tribute to this outstanding actor.

Irrfan Khan Movies List


Piku is a brilliant movie starring Irrfan Khan and Deepika Padukone. The movie explores various shades of life.

It depicts the relationship between the children and parents. Irrfan Khan definitely leads the movie towards its sucess with his marvellous acting.

His special efforts even in the quick scenes shows the brilliance of his work.

Through his eccentric work he stood out and gave his audience a work of perfect acclamation.


Irrfan Khan is not only known for his outstanding acting skills, but also for his intelligence in choosing the script.

Hindi Medium is a movie that explains what you just read.

The movie brings out the plight of poor people. Their struggle to love their life and bring up their children.

The actor played both the shades of life, the rich and poor in a single movie, and he surely stood out in both.


This movie needs no description. It is an internationally applauded movie. The spirit depicted in the movie was the spirit that the actor Irrfan Khan lived with.

He, despite all struggles of his life, always carried a smile on his face. One of the best dialogues of this movie is spoken by the actor.

His eloquence in delivering the dialogues is well awarded. He gained the international acknowledgement long before Slumdog Millionaire.

He was nominated for the “BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR in the OSCARS.” Amazing right, only with a role of 15 to 20 minutes, he got nominated for Oscars.


The words will fall short in praise of the actor. Even with such fewer dialogues, the movie was highly reclaimed.

Irrfan Khan, who played a vital role in the success of this movie, has added different colours of his acting in this movie.

To portray a light romance that built through only letters and the faulty delivery of lunchboxes, was not an easy task.

But the actor managed it so well. The romance looks so fluid and well crafted.


The actor, even with his small role, dominated the whole movie. More than he appears in the movie, he appears in our mind.

His role was of a police officer who has to stop a war of religions. It’s astonishing to see how flawlessly he did it.

He added both the flavours, the sensitivity and his strictness, to this role.


A very old yet well-known movie, starring many actors, was a huge success. Irrfan Khan who played the role of a middle-class man perfectly acted out the struggles of ordinary life.

The movie explores various themes.

It is amazing to see how the actor did his role so dominatingly and amazingly.


One of his best movies. The actor played the role so effortlessly.

He becomes in-charge of the case when the case is handed over to the CBI.

While undergoing personal turmoil, he explores the case from every scratch. This is the best part of his acting skills, that his audience exactly feels what he acts.

His disgust for the corrupt, and his failure in solving the case, the pain was simultaneously felt by the audience. This was the brilliance of his acting skills.


The movie based on the story of Hamlet is not known in India because of the story, but because of the perfect acting.

When Roohdar appears first, a role played by Irrfan Khan, we get attached to the movie. Irrfan himself accepted in an interview that he opted for this career so that he could get a graceful scene as it was.

With the actor being in this movie, the movie gained extra credits.


The actor played every role. He explored all the roles, even of a dacoit. No matter what role the directors gave to him, he always came out with flying colours. He never failed to entertain his audience.

In a movie of very meagre budget, the actor’s acting left everybody stunned. It appears as if he did not play the role of a dacoit, but rather he was a dacoit. Such a great was his acting skills.


Probably his last movie, yet a movie that now will never be forgotten.

Even after all his struggles, the actor left no stone unturned to give his best. It might be his last movie, but it will now live forever.

Portraying the role of a Father, who will go to any lengths just to fulfil the wish of his daughter, Irrfan left us stuck in the scene.

Through his wit and hard work, the actor presented an honest father. How dedicated the father was to his daughter, Irrfan was dedicated to his work.

Even if we use the dictionary of every language, the words will not be enough for his praise. Maybe the Actor left the world today, but he will never leave our hearts. The impact that he made on his every fan, will always be applauded. Where everyone is paying their tributes to Irrfan Khan, this blog is a tribute to the generous actor from shhhstuff.

He rightly said:

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  1. I like his movie “BILU BARBER”
    We see all around us people boasting about their connection with influential persons.but
    But in this film he lives a very humble life as a barber even his wife and children ridicule him for not contacting their favourite actor to show off to the people

Top 10 Movies by IRRFAN KHAN – A Tribute to the Legend

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