Things to do this Quarantine

As we all are not at all accustomed to spending so much time altogether and we end up wasting a lot of time thinking about what we should do or not do during this time. Here is a list of things we can do together without getting over bored.


For people who love to stay fit and healthy and for those who rarely workout, a home gym is the perfect way to stay fit. As we all should stay home in order to protect ourselves as well as others, it is really important to stay fit as well. It doesn’t even need to be a rigorous workout of 1 hr or so. Just the basics are enough to keep one’s body and mind healthy.

Like we can start by meditating for a few minutes to cool our minds, then a few push-ups (for starters-5), add some crunches and end it with jumping jacks. Minimum time to complete these activities is 15 minutes (varies from the individual).


In the busy lives of this generation, we are not accustomed to perfectly utilize the free time as we have never done this before. But it’s okay to take a few days off and just let the mind and body heal on itself like the Mother Nature.

Some people who overanalyze things try to keep themselves busy in their daily life but the situation right now is not in our hands anymore and all we can try to do is to try and adjust in this living as well. To not overthink and overanalyze stuff, try this for a few days. Eat, sleep, maybe watch a show or something and repeat.

Reliving moments

Whatever the situation is, we have to agree it is a lifetime opportunity to relive those ‘bachpan ke din’.

Spending time with your family, talking to your school friends whom we lost touch gradually apart from the fact of acknowledging them as school classmates on social media, watching that favourite cartoon you used to when you where a child or maybe reading that same old book which was once more important than your life or opening that stored letters and cards from your loved ones and the slam book that we used to fill before everything turned into a race course.

Picking up a hobby

It’s not easy as it sounds to pick up a hobby but what we can do it make a list of things you always wanted to do and check if there is anything you can do without going in the outside world.

It’s a perfect time to learn to cook the necessities which every individual should know in order to live in a crisis. Nowadays everything is accessible online like learning a new language or reading books online if you don’t have books at home that you might have not yet read.

Playing Games

For the younger generation, playing games means whether to play PUBG or CS. For not so younger generations it means playing cards with family or online.

But for the older generation, it definitely means more cleaning and right now they have more power as they can use their children to help them. Let’s do all these things like from indulging in playing games with kids to playing card with the family to helping your mother in cleaning (who knows maybe we might find something memorable and valuable).

6. Doodling and Comic Book Writing

Every person in this world is an artist and the world is their
stage. Everyone is good at something or the other.

Try to bring out that passion in you. Try fondling with your pen and doodling with your thoughts.

Every person is a hero or a villain (can’t judge nowadays) in their life. Start writing your story with the endless possibilities and let the mind
wander. It only helps in expanding your brain’s more creative side and imagination.

7. Learning a new language

With the advanced technology in the 21 st century, there is nothing a
person cannot learn. Even just by sitting at home, one can always learn a new language with the help of the internet.

There are so many apps in the market nowadays to learn a new language properly like from the grammar part to making sentences and not just leaning some words and saying that this language is known to you.

8. Plantation

One often feels inclining towards mother earth or nature. One of the most surreal moments to get you connected with Mother Nature is a plantation.

It does not have to be a whole garden or so but a small sampling or like that science experiments to grow plants from one’s childhood. Bring out the curiosity nature in you and see where it takes you.

Mostly, we all did those science experiments as a part to grade one up but now we all have time to see how it actually works.

9. Personality Development

We always make excuses to bring out the better version in ourselves
that we do not have time to engage in activities to enhance their personality.

But now, we sure do have a lot of time to think about all those lousy mistakes that could have been avoided if we had been a bit more careful.

10. Improvise the old skills

Every beginning comes with an end just like life. We cannot think of
changing the future or our life even if we keep using old school techniques for everything.

Improvise them but analysing them and actually acting upon it rather than keeping everything from the past at beholding situation.

11. Talk-Talk-Talk

As we all are safe with our families or the people we believe are family for us, TALK. Talk, talk and talk.

We have our whole life to remain quiet in from of strangers but with
family, there is no stranger. Just let go of every emotion you might be holding against one another at some point in your life.

Open up to them thinking this might be the last time you may have a
chat with them. Shower them with your care, love and concern because every person alive right now needs that hope that there are people who love them no matter what.

12. Write

If you think that comic book writing is not your thing then write.

Write anything and everything.

Write journals, write blogs or write weird poetry but try your hand in every creative activity that we can embark our thoughts upon.

Writing doesn’t know any language; it’s all about the thoughts.

13. Craft-work

Think about the weirdest and stupidest thing that you can ever make up in your life with the given things present at your home.

This way, you are creative, productive and after that thing you make, you are going to laugh upon it so many occasions in the near future.

Let your creative juices flow in your weird little world of yours.

14. Binge-watching

We all love to binge-watch shows more than anything but it doesn’t feel right to watch new shows without a delayed assignment or that mental pressure that we have to do so many works but we won’t and let’s binge-watch.

under rated netflix web series

Agreed! Maybe if we start thinking about the problems we will have to face in the near future after everything calms itself down, we might be
able to binge-watch the new shows.

In the boom of this web series, many series are exclusive, but not all are good or that series is made on such genre/ story which does not stand on the comfort of some people.

We have brought your amazing collection of web series, in which you will get to see Action, Drama, Petroism, Comedy, Love and Sex.

The repercussion of the great pandemic experienced by every person living on this planet does bring chills.

Whatever happens, we all know our lives are not going to be same even after everything is back to normal except the fact that if won’t be normal.

This journey faced by everyone will always have a special place in everyone’s heart. So just live it come what may. Together we all will see what the future beholds for us.

“Yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift
that’s why it is called a present”.

Live with it and in it as well.

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