Top Original(All-Genre) Youtube Web Series You Should Be Watching For Free

best web series to watch on youtube
Here is the list of web series that you can binge watch on youtube

We all are locked down for quite a long time now. And we have exhausted all the series available on platforms like Amazon Prime, Hotstar and other. But if till yet you have not seen that list, then you need to.

Its just a click away.

And you know what the best part is, the list us bifurcated into Hindi and
Foreign language series.

For foreign series, click here.

For sensational Indie series, click here.

But you don’t have to worry. We’ve got you. The given below is the list of Youtube web series that you can watch, and that too for FREE, FREE and FREE. While all the other platforms require you to pay, Youtube gives you things for free.

Just Browse the list of top original web series to watch on Youtube for free and have fun.

Permanent Roommates

One of the most loved romantic comedy web-series that showcased their first episode in October 2014. The story revolves around a young couple who after being in long distance relationship for 3 years face the prospect of marriage. Filled with such sweet heart-melting episodes, a perfect show to binge-watch with your partner. The main protagonists of this show are Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh as Mikesh and Tanya.

IMDB ratings – 8.6/10


A perfect combination of comedy and drama with relatable, realistic and hilarious content that can be found in a good show. Showcasing the lives of a young IT employee and his friends in the pursuit of their dream of bringing their idea to the current market then and the struggles faced by them as a start-up company.

IMDB ratings – 9.2/10


A story that feels exactly the real life siblings. A story of all the unexpected troubles turning to experiences of lifetime for the three siblings uniting. A story about how at the end only family comes in hand. Like every other sibling relationship, the story starts and ends with the love hate relation between each other. One of the rarest yet classiest series ever to be made on sibling love. Every person who has a sibling or who they regard as their sibling will be able to relate with this story to a great extent.

IMDB ratings – 8.5/10


An upcoming age story about two girls trying to handle the responsibilities of being independent adults in the fast-moving city like Mumbai. A story depicting just the right about of respect, love and friendship between two roommates. Ray and Nikkat are no different from us in the matters of maintaining everything single handily whether it be friendship or work relationship. We all learn from the things the universe shows us and teaches us. Just with the exact amount of comedy and drama, this show is a must-watch for all the working people or roommates out there.

IMDB ratings – 7.6/10.

What the Folks

A journey of how modern family of breaking stereotypes, overcoming generation gap despite having an altogether different views of the world. A journey that encapsulates the familial struggles of Nikhil (Veer Rajwant Singh) and Anita (Eisha Chopra) who are forced to live with their respective in-laws for a few weeks. It shows the problems faced by the millennial couples to get together with their respective in-laws (the other family).

IMDB ratings – 8.2/10.

College Romance

A group of three best friends looking for love laughs and some lifelong memories in their college life. A perfect show to re-juvenile the college memories of everyone’s life.

IMDB ratings –9.1/10.

Kota Factory

One of the most eye-opening series to make people realize how difficult it is to get in IIT or clear any other competitive exams. The most different thing is that this series is shown in black and white. It portrays the life of a youngster living away from home who is an IIT aspirant.

IMDB ratings – 9.1/10.


Dice Media’s first male-focused web-series is about four ordinary friends in extraordinary situations as they all are in long-distance relationships. It entirely shows the problems of long distance relationship from a man’s point of view which makes this show one of the most exciting.

IMDB ratings – 7.4/10.

The Other Love Story

This series is India’s very first televised same-sex love story. A journey so beautifully portrayed by two girls, in the era of the ’90s where there are no cell phones or internet, who fall in love and they act upon it even without thinking twice. As we all know there is a lot of stigma of such a relationship but inside the heart, only love endures.

IMDB ratings – 8.8/10.

Just Another Love Story

A romance drama web series attempting to highlight the queer relationships. The plat features a love triangle between two women, Amara and Maya (Priyanka Karki and Shristi Shrestha respectively) and Aashu (Samyek Man Singh). This series is directed and edited by Priyanka Karki as well in her directorial debut.

Home Sweet Office

A story of two cousins, Adhira and Shagun, two highly creative people who start their own business of candid wedding films and quirky wedding merchandise. A comedy-drama series defining relationships between family and friends.

IMDB ratings – 7/10.

Official CEOgiri

Also known as Official Chukyagiri. The “Drone” acharya comes out of his hiding and he has only two months of saving his company. An Indian web comedy-drama series by channel “Arre”. This show started in 2018 still continuing.

IMDB ratings – 6.5/10.

SEE, free things are not bad at all. All of these youtube web series is amazing. Some of them bring out the most undefined and untalked about issues of our society. The list gives you series from all genres.

The representation of the LGBTQ community makes it a full-fledged list of series.

It’s a complete list of all walks of lives. And if you still haven’t watched out the precious list of Hotstar series, then just click the link and browse. Because we also provide you with all the trailers at one place only.

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Top Original(All-Genre) Youtube Web Series You Should Be Watching For Free

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