Witness the Heaven: Know everything about today’s meteor shower

Meteor shower

Are you someone who love to gaze at stars for long hours?

Does stargazing fascinate you?

If yes, then this is your time to be happiest.

According to reports, Earth will witness a “METEOR SHOWER”.

And believe it or not, it’s going to be the most amazing and visible meteor showers in the year.

Wondering why?

It is because the sky is radiantly clear nowadays. Due to the lockdown caused because of COVID-19, the pollution has reduced to the minimal and the sky is back to its even form. In fact, the ozone layer has started to heal.


In order to understand what a meteor shower is, first we need to understand what exactly is a meteor?

A meteor or a meteoroid is a space rock or a particle broken off an asteroid or a comet that enters the earth atmosphere. Over time, the pieces of debris distribute themselves along the orbit in the “SOLAR SYSTEM“.

As the debris enters the Earth’s atmosphere, the debris becomes radiantly hot as if burning, and this creates an effect of what we call as a “SHOOTING STAR”. The speed with which the meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere ranges from 11KM/SEC to 72KM/SEC.

When many such meteoroids enter the surface of the Earth, we call it
as a meteor shower. Someone who has seen a shooting star exactly
knows how beautiful it is, now imagine seeing rain or shower of
shooting stars.

Super excited right?

The meteors are usually very small. They are equal to the size of a dust
particle or a grain. They burn in the atmosphere only and there are
minimal chances for them to collide with earth. But the chances that
you might witness a beautiful Shooting star show in night are very high.


There are many kinds of meteor showers like QUADRANTIDS which is visible in late December and early January. Then, there is LYRIDS visible
from mid to late April.

Another kind is ORIONIDS that are visible in late October or early November. Then there are LEONIDS whose peak reaches in mid-November. If we trace back the path of all meteors, they appear to originate from a single point in the sky called THE RADIANT.

The meteor shower that we will witness today is LYRIDS. They originate
from the comet called C/1861 THATCHER. It will reach its peak on 21st
April 2020 which is tonight and will last up to 22nd April 2020 which will
be tomorrow morning.

Today’s meteor shower coincides with the NEW MOON, which means it will be relatively darker today, hence giving us a better chance of visibility. People might be even able to see 10 to 20 meteors per hour under the clear skies if they will be lucky enough.

Today is the peak night to witness the most amazing view of the sky at


Surely the pandemic has caused disruptions all over the world, but due
to the lockdown, the atmosphere is now pollution-free. And that is why
we do not need any telescope or any instrument to witness the magnificence seen of the sky.

The radiant of LYRIDS lies in LYRA near the bright star known as VEGA. At most places, it will rise at 10 PM. Try to look away or near LYRA, because they appear to go away from it.

Find the darkest places, sit there and make it your comfort zone. Do not keep looking at the screen of your phone. Let it rest and meanwhile adapt your eyes to the DARKNESS of the sky.


See here how you can watch Lyrid Meteor Shower!!

Wonder how the applications can be useful? Well, they will help you
locate the Radiant. But once you have located it, keep the phone at aside and observe the heavenly meteor shower.


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Witness the Heaven: Know everything about today’s meteor shower

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